When using our i-StoreGo Box Storage Service, we most expect our
customers to feel the convenience by not having to travel anywhere
to store their items, by staying home, you can still have access to our
storage service.

We created the i-StoreGo Box Storage Service for customers who may
think that renting out a whole self-storage room will be unnecessary
as they will not need that much space, as well as helping these
customers find the perfect fit in terms of storage space and costs.

Although you may have items that you would like to use once in a while,
these items may pile up and in the end, take up a lot of space in your
living space. Won’t it be a waste if your newly built house is soon to be
filled with all these items. Thus, we are here to help. By using our service
of i-StoreGo Box Storage, we will be responsible of assisting

We delivery

  • Free delivery drop boxes and collection.
  • Schedule your free pick up of your boxes to be send to our store.
  •  Schedule a return date at your convenience by log in and manage your Manage your items online.
  • Our professional staff will deliver your items when you want them back.


We box

  •  New Blue Boxes
  • Box Size (mm) 600x400x300 / 70 litre capacity. / Max.Load capacity 20kg.
  • Made from reinforced polypropylene, for additional strength and endurances.

We store

  • Security Guard on site 24/7.
  • CCTV monitoring.
  • Boxes are store in a good environment.